Damien Clyburn is officially a Top Rated planner

10th April 2021

We have great news here at Otter Financial. Damien has qualified for the VouchedFor Top Rated guide.

The guide has been released today and is being distributed by The Times. Make sure to visit your local newsagent and grab a copy.

The VouchedFor Top Rated guide was created to identify the best financial planners in the UK, we’re delighted that Damien has been included. Damien works extremely hard to provide the very best service for his clients and this award is evidence of that.

For those that may not know, VouchedFor is an online review website created for the financial sector. On the site, clients are invited to leave reviews for their financial planner, scoring them on three main criteria: service, value and advice given.

These criteria are marked out of 5 stars each to create an overall score out of 5.

Currently, Damien has an amazing score of 4.8 from nearly 100 reviews!

VouchedFor is one of the most reliable review platforms for financial planners, as it comes directly from their clients. Only those with first-hand experience with the planner can leave a review. This is why it’s such an honour to be included in the Top Rated guide.

What Damien’s clients are saying

We love Damien, but of course, we would say that. However, his clients love him too. To see what they have to say about him and the service he provides, click here and visit his VouchedFor page.

For your convenience we’ve included one of our favourite reviews below:

“Fortunately my husband and I did turn to Damien for advice as since then and over the past two years, I have suffered the tragic loss of my husband and other personal events. I have turned to Damien at these times to help with my future planning and feel I have always received good sound advice and feel safe that the plans in place by Damien will secure me for the future. I cannot rate him enough. He has always listened to my concerns and explained things fully. Without any jargon which was beyond my understanding. Thank you Damien for being so patient and understanding. It has been most helpful during a difficult time.”

If you’re one of our clients who’ve already left a review, thank you, we’re extremely grateful. However, if you haven’t yet been able to, can we please ask that you leave a VouchedFor review for Damien?

The process takes less than 10 minutes and helps us no end. These reviews help us know what we’re doing well and what we can do better. This helps us make sure that we’re giving you the very best service possible.

To leave a review simply click here.

Couldn’t be done alone

Qualifying for the VouchedFor Top Rated guide has been an entire team effort. We’d like to thank both Claire and Alison for their continuous hard work and support. For those of you who don’t know our fabulous team members, allow us to give you a brief introduction.

Claire is our Business Manager, she has been with us for over 10 years and has more than 20 years experience in financial services. In her day to day role, Claire supports Damien. She’s here to help with your enquiries, carry out research and put together information for your financial reviews.

Alison is our Client Services Manager, like Claire she also has more than 20 years experience in financial services. In her day to day role, Alison provides supports to Damien and Claire. She’ll be your first point of contact should you have any enquiries or need help with anything.

Thank you to our clients

Of course, we wouldn’t be where we are as a business if it wasn’t for all of our fantastic clients.

We’d like to thank every single one of you for trusting us to provide you with peace of mind over your finances. It’s thanks to you that we love the job we do.

We look forward to working with you for many more years and helping you reach your goals and aspirations.


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