“My wife and I have been clients of Otter Financial Services for over ten years, and the relationship has been a cordial one. For several years now, Damien Clyburn has been managing our investment planning. We have been very impressed by the effectiveness of his management and by the results that he has achieved for us. At the same time, we have also enjoyed a very amiable personal relationship with him. He has been available to speak to when needed, has given us clear and early warning of events and developments to which we need to respond, and has always been willing to give considered, timely and intelligible advice, to enlighten and explain when we are puzzled and to discuss how to interpret developments. We feel we can recommend him to any others with personal financial planning needs before and after retirement.”

Haydn & Ann Everitt
Illminster, Devon

“I am pleased that over the years our relationship has developed in such a way that we now come to see each other as friends as well as professional advisers and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any future prospective clients.”

Graham Wright
Ottery St Mary, Devon

“I was introduced to Damien & Otter Financial Services by my sister. Three years on and I have benefited greatly from his expertise and knowledge. Furthermore, I find the annual investment reviews with Damien to be productive. Damien invests a great deal of time and takes genuine interest to ensure I’m comfortable and confident with any decisions made. The partnership has been positive, unpressured and well worthwhile. So I have no hesitation in recommending OFS to others.”

Miss D Joyce

“I have been with Otter Financial Services or their predecessors for almost 19 years now and have always appreciated their help and guidance.

More recently I have been dealing with Damien Clyburn who has always proved extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He has always been very prompt in answering queries and given very lucid and understandable explanations suitable for a layman as well as supplying supporting documents to expand and justify his thoughts and reasoning. I very much value his help and guidance in trying to maximise safe returns on my personal investments and in carrying out regular reviews.

Based on all this I have no hesitation on recommending his services and that of Otter Financial Services.”

Mr B
Holsworthy, Devon

“Otter Financial Services has acted as adviser to my family over a number of years and their advice has always proved invaluable and honest. They review my finances on a regular basis keeping me updated on the things that matter and how to improve existing plans. I find their advice professional and thorough giving me peace of mind.”

Miss E Griffiths

“I was referred to Arthur Stevens of the now known Otter Financial Services in 2005. At that time, my mother was suffering from dementia and I needed someone I could instinctively trust and like, Arthur perfectly fitted the bill. He came to my mother’s house whenever I needed financial guidance, and gave me assurance and confidence in what was going on when I was unable to grasp the permutations of money matters in my particular situation.

Arthur and Damien have helped and guided me since then. I have introduced several friends to them, who seem to be very happy with the advice and help offered. I like to think we have become friends, and I have complete faith in the advice from Otter Financial Services.”

Angela Bissett

“Damien has been giving us financial advice on our portfolio for many years. He has always provided us with a friendly, knowledgeable and supportive service with regular updates. We would certainly recommend him.”

Mr & Mrs G

“Throughout the past 10 years I’ve had to call upon Otter Financial Services, specifically dealing with Damien Clyburn, he has impressed me with his extensive knowledge of the many and varied financial matters he has had to deal with for me. Whenever the advice concerned pensions, inheritance or investments, Damien has always acted promptly to answer my queries and progress matters with financial institutions.
His research of both the client and the requirement is thorough, diligent, appropriate and his advice invaluable as a result.

Whilst genuinely helpful and approachable, Damien will always provide a trustworthy, professional and painless service to those fortunate to use his services.

The firm’s terms & conditions are clearly set out, fair and competitive.

I have recommended his services to family and would certainly recommend him to friends and colleagues.”

Mrs. E
Exeter, Devon

“I started obtaining financial advice from Damien Clyburn over five years ago. On my first meeting, I felt very relaxed with Damien’s professional approach to my financial affairs. Damien keeps me updated with my portfolio and is always very thorough whenever offering advice and I have no hesitation in recommending Damien as an independent financial advisor.”

John Green
Ottery St Mary, Devon

“I recently moved to the area and required a review of my financial situation. Otter Financial Services had been recommended to me and I was looking for a local professional service that I could easily access. I will soon be considering retirement so wanted flexible on-going input as my lifestyle needs changed.

Damien facilitated my understanding of the benefits of changing my investments and demonstrated different options available. He presented potential outcomes of investment possibilities using visual methods along the way. I felt my thoughts and wishes were of primary importance: meetings were friendly, supportive and time was taken to ensure I was comfortable with the levels of risks involved in the different elements.

My finances are now moving in a direction that I have awareness of and I have confidence that Otter Financial Services will keep me regularly updated as developments happen.”

“Two years ago, requiring help with financial situations, we were highly recommended by a friend to seek advice from Damien Clyburn of Otter Financial Services. From our first visit we found him and his staff to be extremely helpful and courteous.

Damien is professional, knowledgeable, informative, spoke in terms we understood, sympathetic and patient but above all a great friend who has taken our interest to heart. Always available, either at the office or to arrange a home visit, no time limit to his interview! He considers each individual person’s life style and matches it to their financial requirements and expectations.

We highly recommend Otter Financial Service’s s to anyone seeking professional financial advice.”

“My elderly mother-in-law had been widowed and needed professional advice on investing the capital from her late husband’s estate. We were looking for a local and independent financial adviser and Damien Clyburn at Otter Financial Services proved to be the right choice.
We had several meetings with him where we discussed the options that were appropriate to my mother-in-law’s circumstances which were all clearly explained and his recommendations were always backed up with detailed research.
Two years later, my mother-in-law had the proceeds from the sale of her bungalow to invest and we again used Damien’s professional expertise to advise us on the best course of action.
He keeps us regularly updated on the performance of the investments and is always ready to discuss any questions or concerns.”