We talk to our clients a lot about ‘the journey’. That means something different to each of our clients. Why? Because we each have our own, very personal, destination.

Our job is very simple, to understand that destination, and then plot a financial path to help you reach it.

Simple it may be, but as Lao Tzu said: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

That initial step must be taken by you; we can’t do it for you. But once you take that step, we’ll be with you on that journey for as long as you need us by your side.

Before we do anything, it’s important to know that we share the same values and will be a good fit for each other. That’s why we set up a free, no-obligation meeting to introduce ourselves and see if working together feels right

If the first meeting goes well, our next step is to get a clear view of your financial situation and find out what makes you tick. What are your aspirations, what are you worried about and what risks are you prepared to take to achieve your goals?

Armed with all that information, we’ll look at your financial situation to see if your goals are realistic. If we spot any pitfalls, we can discuss ways to get around them or uncover opportunities you may not have even thought about.

Now we’ve agreed on a strategy, we can turn that into your Personalised Financial Life Plan. That will include income and expenditure statements for now and in the future, a lifetime cash forecast, a statement of your assets and liabilities and agreeing your risk profile.

Once you’re happy with your plan, we can start to implement it (you don’t have to use us, of course, but it would be a shame not to). We’ll liaise with financial product providers, handle all the paperwork and make sure you understand everything.

We’ll review your plan to make sure you stay on course to reach your goals. And by meeting regularly, we can ensure that you’re always up to speed with what’s happening, ready to meet any big changes in your life.

That last part is vital, we’ll keep that plan under constant review. Being knocked off course by just a few degrees can mean you ultimately end up miles from where you need to be. A regular review will help to pull you back and keep you aiming true.

We firmly believe that the best financial planners are those who specialise in working with only certain types of clients. That way they build an in-depth knowledge of the financial challenges, issues, problems, and of course, solutions, of those groups.

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