Estate planning: Our new guide and get organised document

21st January 2021

Planning for later life and what you want to happen after you pass away is difficult, and it can mean there are tasks that we put off even though they’re important. That could be ringfencing funds to pay for care or naming a Power of Attorney. Yet, putting them off means you risk your wishes not being followed or having the financial means in place to carry them out.

To help you take control of your affairs and later life planning, we’ve created two resources to help:

  1. Your complete guide to estate planning – A guide that covers everything you need to know about estate planning, including later life care, Inheritance Tax, wills, and Power of Attorney. It’s designed to help you start thinking about the tasks you should do, what you want, and where you may need to seek further advice.
  2. Get organised document – This is an interactive document that helps you set out your assets and wishes for loved ones when you pass away. It means all the information loved ones need is in a single, accessible place. It can be filled out on your computer or printed.

Please email if you’d like to receive a copy of both our guide and the get organised document.

We hope that these will help you plan your affairs in a way that reflect your goals and aspirations. Please contact us if you’d like to arrange a meeting to discuss your financial plan, including estate planning.

Please note: The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate estate planning.