5 financial podcasts to download this summer

10th June 2020

Improving your knowledge of financial matters has never been easier with a huge selection of podcasts from experts and industry professionals. If you’re looking for a way to boost your money expertise, whether you have a particular topic in mind or not, these podcasts should be on your download list for the summer months.

1. Meaningful Money

Meaningful Money was set up by a chartered financial planner to demonstrate that for most people it is possible to achieve goals by sticking to some basic financial planning rules. Cutting out the jargon, it’s an easy way to boost your financial knowledge. The podcast looks at key areas more in-depth than some of the other options. Split into seasons, each group of podcasts can provide a broad understanding of a particular area. The current season 17 is looking at retirement planning. Past seasons have included millennial finance, the first principles of personal finance, and planning with purpose. The format means it’s easy to find the podcasts that are relevant for you.

2. Money to the Masses

Money to the Masses was set up to provide accessible financial information. The podcast has now been running for several years and aims to do the same with episodes focusing on a certain area, the short, midweek updates also give you a snapshot of what’s been happening in the markets. There are over 300 episodes to download and listen to already and the huge range of topics covered should mean there’s something that catches your attention. Some of the recent areas covered include providing an insight into stock market volatility, how to read fund factsheets when looking at potential investments and tips for teaching children about money.

3. Cash Chats

Personal finance blogger Andy Webb first launched Cash Chats in 2017 and there are now more than 150 episodes to choose from. The podcast goes back to the basics of personal finance that are useful for everyone to revisit. With topics ranging from budgeting effectively to why a credit score is important for your finances, there’s practical information that everyone can benefit from getting to grips with. It’s a download that aims to help people save more and manage money. Andy also features on Channel 5’s Shop Smart Save Money too.

4. Money Box

Brought to you by BBC Radio 4, the Money Box podcasts has a huge number of episodes with more than 750 to choose from. With plenty of topical issues being covered, it’s a perfect place to head if you want to stay up to date with everything that’s happening in the world of personal finance. Some of the most recent topics covered include issues employees and employers are having with the furlough scheme, how to find a mortgage during the coronavirus pandemic, and what you need to know if you’re considering starting a business in lockdown. Typically around 30 minutes, it’s easy listening and easy to find the topics that matter to you.

5. Financial Wellbeing

This podcast focuses on financial wellbeing and how to create peace of mind. Hosted by Chris Budd, author of the Financial Wellbeing Book, and Tom Morris, a chartered financial planner, there’s plenty of insights and tips. With over 60 episodes already available to dive into, you’ll have more than enough to keep you busy over the summer. Recent editions have covered how money and happiness are linked, how the five parts of wellbeing interact with each other, and the importance of mental health. The podcast often has guests and interviewees on to offer a different perspective as well as a section that answers questions clients often ask financial advisers.

Whilst financial podcasts are a good way to broaden your knowledge, keep in mind that your aspirations should be at the centre of decisions. The information provided through podcasts shouldn’t be considered advice and you shouldn’t solely use them for information when making decisions. If you’d like to discuss your goals and create a financial plan with your circumstances in mind, please get in touch.